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Threshold#01.0Bara Kolenc, Atej Tutta, Estevan Bruno, Neil Barbisan, Jernej Černalogar, Andrea Cazzolato, Nereo Marulli, Rado Jaušovec, Marek Fakuč 

THRESHOLD is a group of ten artists from the fields of performing, visual and sonic arts. The group is lead by the idea of independent creativity and of crossing the borders of any kind, from the objective limitations of production to the inner borders of every art field and finally to the most intimate limits of artist’s personal creative approach. They focus on the idea of the threshold, the borderline that finally constitutes itself as a fold. The border is always active, provocative in its structure as it constantly calls to step over it. But since the border is in continuous movement, changing its position and thereby creating always new areas of possibility, the very action of stepping over the threshold is essentially missed. And precisely this slip, this inherent impossibiliy of stepping across the borderline is what constitutes the border itself. Therefore creative work is a constant process, endlessly following its own changeable virtual limits, constantly searching for the minimal difference in the movement of repetition of its praxis, thereby developing the point where its immanent excess folds back into the black hole of its deficiency.


THRESHOLD #01.0 was the first gesture of the group. The artists inhabited a ruined renaissance castle Vipolže where they stayed one month. The space itself was explored in its concrete reality - its architecture, its atmosphere, its visuality, offering specific sets of performing, visual installations, light and sound design, as well as in its virtual reality – its history, its former inhabitants, its imaginary, the architectural principles that were followed by its construction and other inputs that served them to build up the content of their work. They used waste and found materials to build up the setting. The laboratory ended with the interactive multimedia event presented on the 28th of August 2009 at the festival Days of Poetry and Wine.



Threshold#01.0 Teaser

Villa Vipolže used to be a representative building and at one time a hunting manor belonging to the Counts of Gorica. The following owners of the castle were the Herberstein family, the family Della Torre, the Attems family and lastly the Teuffenbach family. In the 16th and17th century the castle witnessed the war between the Hapsburg and Venice with Venice conquering it. In the first half of the 17th century, the damaged building was restored and rearranged into a Renaissance manor house, built in a Venetian style and then used as a summer residence. Rectangular in shape, the castle has two angular towers leaning towards the main building. In front of the castle there used to be a park with a Baroque fountain. During WWI, the castle was used as a military hospital; a bomb damaged the building during that time and later, in 1948, a fire caused even more damages.

Dual channel video mapping installation THRESHOLD#01.0 Alpha State

A series of mute video experiments


Threshold#01.1Bara Kolenc, Atej Tutta, Estevan Bruno, Neil Barbisan, Jernej Černalogar, Nereo Marulli, Rado Jaušovec, Marek Fakuč 

THRESHOLD #01.1 is the second gesture of the group. In the Kazemate hall at Ljubljana Castle, the video, visual and sound material created in the framework of the laboratory at the Vipolže Castle was presented in the form of multimedia exhibition and live performing arts events between 9 March and 3 April 2011.

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