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PH Nada Žgank 

Metamorphoses 2°:

The No-Place 

Metamorphoses 2°: The No-Place is inspired by Ovid’s The Four Ages of Man.


A lush garden, careless fullness, the tranquil connectedness of nature and man, an idyll, an eternal springtime where fruits offer themselves to be consumed, where labour makes no sense and where no word feels the need to be spoken. A time of innocence when idleness has not yet become a sin, when a wish has not yet been discharged to an endless unsatisfying rotation, and when a thought has not yet bounced off an

object to give it a name and open the space of truth and pleasure.


This no-place is marked by inherent impossibility, but it nevertheless exists as an entity of desires, as the original human phantasm, stretching out into two directions – it is individual’s founding act, the neuralgic junction of performances propelling personality constructs, and it also stands for individual’s projection into the future, an ideal that this individual strives for. It is because of this no-place that life is never what it chooses to be, but at the same time allows it to be exactly what it is. As such, this place is inherently utopian by nature.


Concept: Bara Kolenc

Performers: Loup Abramovici, Teja Reba

Direction and choreography: Loup Abramovici, Bara Kolenc, Teja Reba

Music and sound design: Mitja Cerkvenik

Lighting and set design: Urška Vohar

Costume design: Urška Recer

Graphic design: Atej Tutta

Production: KUD Samosvoj

Co-production: Bunker Ljubljana, KUD Pozitiv, DIC, Maska Ljubljana

Supported by: Ministry of Culture




Metamorphoses 2°: The No-Place has a different duet as its flipside, the performance Love is the answer, what is the question? Both duets are presented under the common title Today is tomorrow's yesterday.




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