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Atelier is inspired by the extraordinary life and talent of the Slovenian sculptress Karla Bulovec. In the name of art, her extremely bohemian life with husband and dramatist Ivan Mrak renounced everything – comfort, home, family, even sexual gratification. Her creativity was mad, ambitious, masochistic, exaggerated in visions she could not realize.

In setting up various modules, Atelier works on a re-contextualisation of topics that it opens – the topics of historicization, memory, oblivion, artistic contextualisation and theorisation and the woman question.



Behind me an atelier.

In front of me an atelier.

Close your eyes.

And open them.

This is another perspective now.

The world we are watching is a different world.

Year 1895.

Year 1957.

Atelier The Performance 

Premiere: Stara Elektrarna (The Old Power Station), City of Women Festival, Ljubljana, 2008

Concept /Choreography: Bara Kolenc

Performers: Alja Kapun, Bara Kolenc, Radovan Jaušovec, Gregor Luštek, Dragana Bulut/Irena Tomažin

Dramaturgical Assistance: Bojana Kunst

Original Score and Sound Design: Matevž Kolenc

Set Design: Blaž Bačar and Bara Kolenc

Lighting Design: Miran Šušteršič

Costume Design: Iztok Hrga


Executive Production: Mateja Adamič, Jasmina Založnik

Production: KUD Samosvoj

Co-production: City of Women Festival, Bunker Institute, KUD Pozitiv, Jota Agency. 

Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic Slovenia, Municipality of Culture Ljubljana, and International Foundation Forum of Slavic Cultures. 



PH Atej Tutta ©

The performance explores artistic creativity as an impulse, as a relentless desire to create,so wild and destructive that it can overpower the need for biological fulfilment, threaten one’s health by denying physical hunger, and can even be fatal. In the light of such savageness, art cannot be relative (as it is in the eyes of cultural politics and history), but absolute and vital, no matter how we analyze, mythicize or objectify it. 


Title: Atelier/Rehearsal

Duration: 3 min 34 sec
Technique: Super 8mm film - HD video transfer
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 
Colour: BW
Audio: Mute

Film by: Atej Tutta 
Choreography: Bara Kolenc 
Actors: Dragana Bulut, Alja Kapun, Gregor Luštek, Bara Kolenc, Rado Jaušovec


Title: Atelier/Rehearsal

Duration: 2 min
Technique: digital foto - HD video
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Colour: BW
Audio: stereo 2.0

Video by: Atej Tutta
Choreography: Bara Kolenc
Music: Matevž Kolenc
Actors: Dragana Bulut, Alja Kapun, Gregor Luštek, Bara Kolenc, Rado Jaušovec


ELYSIAN - Matevž Kolenc
IVAN PRVI - UVOD - Matevž Kolenc
IVAN PRVI - Matevž Kolenc
IVAN TRETJI - Matevž Kolenc

PH Atej Tutta 

Atelier The Film

Title: Atelier
Duration: 42 min
Technique: SD Video (HD 1080p, updated 2011) 
Format: PAL 16:9
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Colour: Col
Audio: stereo 2.0

Directed & edited by: Atej Tutta
Written by: Bara Kolenc, Atej Tutta
Choreography: Bara Kolenc
Music performed by: Matevž Kolenc, Marek Fakuč
Actors: Dragana Bulut, Alja Kapun, Gregor Luštek, Bara Kolenc



Where is Karla?


Forgotten Atelier


... press release.

The exhibition of Karla Bulovec.

1895 - 1957 - 1934 - 2008 - 2010 - 2012

Karla Bulovec Mrak was born in 1895 in Bled and died in 1957 in Golnik.

Between these two places and dates has occurred her life, which is one of the most unusual in the Slovenian art history.

Bulovec has become a sculptor in a time when it was uncommon for our social context that a woman would be engaged in the art field. 

Moreover, she has always been going in a direction that was not following the typical Slovenian development and the expectations of the audience and critics, therefore the response to her work was always markedly dual.

On one hand there was truly fanatical devotion, on the other, criticism and belittlement, resulting in a loss of commissions for public works.

In such circumstances, she created relatively few sculptural works but has left an extensive drawing opus, this ranges from drafts for sculptures, through large cartons ...






PH Nada Žgank 

Shift Theatre II, Trilogy Source Image

Historization Forgotten Atelier


September 22nd 2012

19th International Performing Arts Festival EX PONTO

Warehouse at Vilharjeva 3, Ljubljana


Historicization - Forgotten Atelier addresses documentation processes. The destroying force of oblivion is opposed to the online horror of an omnipresence of memory that can forget nothing. What if we didn’t want to register, publish or document but rather delete, cancel and dismantle ourselves?


Authors: Bara Kolenc, Atej Tutta

Copyright music: Matevž Kolenc, Marek Fakuč

Technical support, photo and video documentation: Radovan Jaušovec

Production: Muzeum Ljubljana

Co-production: Festival EX PONTO (KD B-51), MC KIBLA Maribor

Collaboration with: Kud Samosvoj, Kud Pozitiv and Dijaški dom Ivan Cankar


Video documentation

Camera: Radovan Jaušovec

Editing: Atej Tutta


They should be standing in the northern winds, high above;

behind them rocks, before them sea waves,

above them giant rushing clouds

and blue sky and shining stars.

And they: of white marble –

like petrified thought -

in deep solitude, far from people.

Alone – in the solitude of nature.

Alone – in the solitude of universe,

So they can be closer to the primordial beginning,

unknown and eternally sought for.

They are stretching out their hands and screaming

out of dust

and praying and longing,

marked with the token of love and despair

and quiet expectation,

children of doubts and will.


I am burdened by all these visions,

and they want out, where they can actually breathe

their heavy doubt and burning longing.


Over there, closer to the vastness of the unknown.

I have to work, work a lot,

with gigantic force,

they are threatening like winds and black clouds –

I want to chisel them out of rock,

on the very spot,

like a primeval and undistorted thought.


Karla Bulovec

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