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PH Neil Barbisan, Estevan Bruno, Atej Tutta 

Metamorphoses 1°:

The Hunt The Performance 

Metamorphoses 1°: The Hunt focuses on hunting, in the structural as well as the substantive sense. The hunt is placed in the context of contemporary civilised society where it exists as a practice regulated by law within legally protected nature. But this does not mean that it is no longer a locus of powerful phantasms and desires.


Proceeding from a story of Altaigate Scandal on a helicopter accident involving high political and humanitarian dignitaries on an illegal hunt of protected animals - and the stories from Ovid’s Metamorphoses (Actaion and Euphytrion). The Hunt examines a regulated, but still phantasmatic relation to animals and nature. At the social level, this is observed through the musealisation of nature, on the one hand, and the barbarism of contemporary public and political passions, on the other.   




Premiere: Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture, January 2011, Ljubljana

Concept/ Choreography/ Direction: Bara Kolenc

Performers: Ana Hribar, Rado Jaušovec, Manca Krnel Hess, Viktor Meglič, Sandi Pavlin, Lane Stranič, Lehel Šoltiš

Dramaturgy: Bojana Kunst

Composition/ Original Score: Orphans

Sound Design: Jernej Černalogar

Set Design and Video: Atej Tutta, Estevan Bruno, Neil Barbisan

Lighting Design: David Orešič

Costume Design: Cirkus in cooperation with Marx, Jana Koteska

Make-up: Tina Lasič Andrejević


Executive Production: Jasmina Založnik

Production: KUD Samosvoj

Co-production: Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture, DIC, Kud Pozitiv, Jota Agency, Cirkus

Supported by Ministry of Culture of the Republic Slovenia, Municipality of Ljubljana.

Media partners: The Slovenia Times, Radio Študent 

A year ago, on Jan. 9, 2009, Alexander Berdnikov, governor of the Altai republic, escorted a group of poachers that included presidential envoy to the State Duma Alexander Kosopkin and Altai Deputy Governor Anatoly Bannykh on a hunting trip. The “hunters” onboard the Mi-171 helicopter owned by Gazpromavia flew in the direction of the Mongolian border in the Kosh-Agach district of the Altai republic. At about noon, as the helicopter descended dangerously close to the slopes of Black Mountain in order to retrieve the carcasses of animals that the men had shot from the air, the spinning blades struck the ground, causing the craft to crash. Seven people died in the accident, including Kosopkin and Viktor Kaimin, who, strangely enough, headed the committee in charge of protecting the republic’s wildlife and for many years organized hunting parties for top officials. The poachers were shooting endangered argali sheep with automatic weapons from the helicopter — a criminal offense in Russia.


Poaching the Law, by Vladimir Ryzhkov, Jan. 21 2010, The Moscow Times

Me too, I have blood in me.
Me too, I am part of nature.
I aim.

PH Robert Ograjenšek 

Metamorphoses 1°:

The Hunt The ReMake 



February 24th 2011

Center for Contemporary Arts, Likovni Salon Gallery, Celje

Lecture performance by Bara Kolenc as the closing event of the exhibition of artist Tal Adler The Missing Link.


Author, lecturer and performer: Bara Kolenc

Technical support, photo and video documentation: Radovan Jaušovec

Production: Kud Samosvoj and Likovni Salon Gallery

When humans named themselves, they drew a decisive line, above which we would today put organic salad, English lawn, the liposuction of our Bulldog, Triglav National Park, Manual for Eternal Youth and Good Sex, and underneath it horrific floods, indecent bestial manners of certain transgressors, terrorist attacks, cruelty to animals, pandemic of swine flu and the ageing of our grandmother. 















PH Robert Ograjenšek 

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