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RADICAL TALKS 2# In a Trance: Welcome to Life

June 16th 2023 5pm-7pm at Jakopičevo sprehajališče

“But when I joined the Partisans, I often asked myself: how was it possible that my personal pain seemed so important to me?” Brina, Slovenian modern dancer and a Partisan fighter

Is a burial a celebration? What is that life after life? A joy of lucidity, ludicity, stillness? If we are not in total denial, depression, burnout - - - or totally focused on identifying a specific nuance of our gender or personality disorder: the first thing to let go of is self-pity. Turn around: this is a different world. There is something worth standing up for. There are other questions.

What are our treasures? What are the connections? What is our deep compassion for? What is our next step?

… What escapes censorship after all?

(Almost every child who starts playing ‘store’ does not only give a product to the ‘buyer’, but also the money for it.)


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