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RADICAL TALKS 2: Antisociality of Capitalism

Curator of the Festival of Radical Talks: Bara Kolenc

Speakers: Alfie Bown, Keti Chukhrov, Patrik Lechner, Samo Tomšič

18. June, 17.00–19.00, Jakopič Promenade, Tivoli Park

© Marjan Pfeifer, archive MNZS

Now, we all know what is isolation. Antisociality, however, is not a syndrome of any pandemic. It is a syndrome of capitalism. Perhaps, the past year was nothing but a sneak-peak into the future. The pandemic was a trailer. Do we want to watch the movie?

Capitalism is anti-social, it builds upon the deconstruction of social bonds. The more society is being digitalized, the more relations tend to become systemic. Capital, which abstracts ever more radically from all that is human, is directly transformed into power. This abstraction, which is already at work globally, causes an aggression of capital against life on all scales. It seems impossible to stop it. Or does it? Maybe the key lies in the question whether we are able to turn isolation into autonomy. Pro-social personality order: perhaps this is the freedom of today's historical necessity?

Radical talks take place in a public space and aim to circulate among people. Several invited speakers will present their thoughts on the topics, while the audience will be invited to actively participate in a discussion.


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