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RADICAL TALKS 1: Radical Bodies - Choreographing Sociality beyond Socionormality

Curator of the Festival of Radical Talks: Bara Kolenc

Speakers: Eva Smrekar, Julia Danila, Magdalena Germek

17. June, 17.00–19.00, Jakopič Promenade, Tivoli Park

© Marjan Pfeifer, archive MNZS

Neo-liberal ideology is inscribed in our bodies. We can read it through their symptoms, behavioural patterns, habits and illnesses. Let's turn our heads around: What is today's socionormality? How can its contours be detected throughout the lines of social choreography? How are we facing our faces? How are we mirroring our screens? How are we dealing with the gaze? How are we delivering ourselves to each other? The radical body is called on to create spaces of freedom within this inscription. It is called on to overtake the process of valorisation in order to produce the other of this process. It is called on to create sociality beyond socionormality. How can it deal with this task?

Radical talks take place in a public space and aim to circulate among people. Several invited speakers will present their thoughts on the topics, while the audience will be invited to actively participate in a discussion.


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