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RADICAL TALKS 1# In a Trans: Welcome to Death

June 15th 2023 5pm-7pm at Jakopičevo sprehajališče

“Sit, be still, and listen,” says Rumi, “because you're drunk and we're on the edge of the roof.”

It seems that humanity has signed its death warrant; that what it has alienated in greed has overgrown it like ivy overgrows a grave. The one parading on the hydrogen-powered mega yacht in Balenciaga ballerina shoes has backed himself into a corner. As Lojze Kovačič would have put it (around 50 years ago and in another context): a little paper boat that thought it was an ocean liner sunk in the bathtub. In a radical vision that excludes self-despair, a recovering planet and an intelligence far beyond the human will create a harmonious world of intelligibility that will finally shake off the human parasite.

What will be buried? What has died, perhaps long ago, only imposing itself on us, pretending to still be breathing? What needs to die because it is dangerous, unnecessary, superfluous, or ultimately exhausted? What are the brinks?

They say that only on the verge of death comes a deep understanding of life. What matters? Abundance? Of what? “We are not the defenders of the river,” says the fisherman at the Magdalena River, “we are the river”. (sharing a quote from Jason Hickel's book Less Is More)


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