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RADICAL TALKS # 1: Earthlings and Spacemen

“I looked and looked but I didn't see God.” Yuri Gagarin

16. June, 17.00–19.00, Jakopič Promenade, Tivoli Park

Curator and moderator: Bara Kolenc

Speakers: Rachel Aumiller, Niklas Toivakainen, Miha Turšič, Zack Sievers, Alfie Bown

Two fantasies are building up the collective unconsciousness of the West today. One is the fantasy of the ultimate recovery of the planet – a fantasy of a return to Paradise. The other is the fantasy of Noah's Ark - the beginning of space imperialism. Perhaps, these two fantasies point to the emerging class division of the 21st Century: the few who can count on the space asylum, and the rest who cannot – earthlings and spacemen.

Nowadays, we are witnessing an accelerated digitbiotech re-positioning of the socio-economic relations structuring the world. It seems that because their power is already materially instituted in possession of physical and digital space, energy, food and health supplies, technology, and arms, the security wall of the new elites is soon going to reach the point of impenetrability, immunizing the contra-power of the masses (which are now still having some strength with strikes, consumption boycotts, protests, and uprisings). In a radical dystopia, this transformation tiles the shift of digital capitalism into an indentured servitude based on debt bondage and into some form of digital manorialism. Is such a posture a well-founded fear or a paranoia? We do not need to answer this question. What is important now is to set the protocols of emancipation within this new constellation. It is important to dismantle the current fantasies, resist the immunizing biopolitics of eco-liberalism, and begin to create a different social reality. How? We will discuss this in the park.


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