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Radical Talks on Spider

Radical talks occur in a public space. They aim to circle among people. A few invited speakers present their thoughts on the topics of insurrection – resurrection and new reality –, while the audience is invited to actively participate in the discussion.

“It may be true that a person's life is over and done with in the first moment, but there must also be the vital force to slay this death and transform it to life.”

- Kierkegaard

Radical bodies are sleeping within us, trapped in compulsory rest, but will now rise from the dead, just like Pythagoras’s slave Zalmoxis, they will rise like Christ and raise their fists high. Or they will reveal to each other their powers and lack thereof, and hand over their word. Resurrection in a public space doesn’t organise a public revolt – though it may lead to it –, but rather thinks, acts and speaks about rising, about upright posture and a return to life.

Speakers: Magdalena Germek, Mirt Komel, Nika Mahnič, Maja Smrekar

Curator: Bara Kolenc

It is starting to appear obvious: it’s time for new times. If a conversation about a new reality starts through the recognition of social and personal paradoxes that were revealed by the corona era, may it bring us closer to a contemplation on the basic contours of an upcoming sociabilities? If we refuse the current social order – what is the one we want to build like? With which tools do we want to build it? What are the new forms of coexistence and collaboration? What is the new relationship between me and the other, between the human and the animal, between nature and wilderness like? What can be said about the earnest thoughts of the new reality? If they currently seem to be unimaginable and unthinkable, can they become a possibility in the very next moment? Does a cynical mind have to become a radical one? Perhaps the new reality is already here and we merely need to understand its coordinates?

Speakers: Tjaša Pureber, Katja Kolšek Asta Vrečko, Rok Kranjc, Marko Hočevar

Curator: Bara Kolenc

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