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Workshop in Skopje

photo: Atej Tutta

workshop at the cross-section between speech and movement Rhetoric became the art of concealing the actual interest and of preparing and delivering the best and most persuasive quasi-argumentation that today it connotes fabrication, manipulation and verbal virtuosity. Drawing on philosophical, psychological and choreographic approaches and also on current socio-political examples, the workshop takes rhetorical speech as a point of departure to observe and enter the body; its gaze, gesture and act. What happens during the translation process? What are the consequences of the abstraction of the spoken word into movement? What are the effects of the rhetorical body? The workshop looks at examples of historical and current use of rhetorical speeches and employs playful and for this occasion uniquely-designed methods to address and challenge the body to relate: through gestures, movements, movements sequences or simply through verbal connotation both, mind and body, produce. It invites artists, performers, actors, dancers and theorists to dip into the knowledge and movement of ‘The Rhetorical Body’.

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