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on how to think seriality as a procedural practice within conceptual network

Bara Kolenc is philosopher and artist with over a decade and a half of experience in making theatre and dance. She has been focusing on the relation between language and body, firstly by researching the language of performance, in each instance conditioned by specific circumstances and working conditions, which in her work does not end up suspended in a fixed matrix, aesthetics, or language, but is, on the contrary, abandoned and developed at the same time. And secondly, by addressing the relation between thought and theatre; namely, how philosophy is pushing the limits of theatre and how theatre is stretching out thought itself. And since her philosophy is the philosophy of repetition, she is at the same time also opening up the question of the substance of theatre, which is not durational in the sense of the artistic artefact, that’s why it needs to be repeated endlessly. How to think seriality as a procedural practice within this conceptual network? What is being repeated, what lost and what is emerging?

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