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City of Women Festival 2018. 5.10. 6pm. Old Power Station, Ljubljana.

Collective exhibition.

ARTISTS: Milijana Babić, Uršula Cetinski, Maja Delak, Leja...

Andreja Kopač and Maja Šorli: Community of Emancipated Thoughts and Bodies


Saška Rakef & Sinja Ožbolt, Rok Vevar & Snježana Premuš, Zala Dobovšek...


20. 9. 2018 20.00, Spanski borci, Ljubljana

photo: Radovan Jaušovec


Stückemarkt REVISITED

18 MAY, 14.00 - 18.00

With the format REVISITED, Stückemarkt re-invites its former participants to presen...

Haptic Cinematography screening & discussion at the New School of Social Research, New York.

University of Villanova, 9.5. 2018,14h - 18.30

A discussion between artists and philosophers about an international film project on touch and language....

11th Cultural Symposium Post-reality. Organized by University of Ljubljana - Faculty of Social Sciences, Cult.co, Modri kot.

As well as trying to compr...

The (un)touchable Touch of Pyramus and Thysbe: Doubt and Desire. Contribution at the workshop A Touch of Doubt - On Haptic Scepticism. March 27-2...

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